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A new friendship is born

On 13 December, 2018, Katherine Kruse, the Academic Director of the International Department at Elgin Academy, along with 3 people from her team met with Chengdu Education Talent Center and Chengdu International Exchange Center leader Fan Xiaoning, accompanied by Yu Xi to visit Shuangliu Middle School. They were warmly welcomed by Shuangliu Middle School’s principal, Long Qingming, Vice Principal Xu Tianfu as well as others. The two sides carried out in-depth discussions on the exchange of teachers and students between the two schools, as well as joint research and development projects. Other topics that were discussed included live video teaching, the STEAM course, as well as 3D printing technology. There was a common goal to deepen understanding and trust between students and teach them to be positive modern citizens.

After the tour of the school the ceremony on the 5th floor of Dexin Building officially began. President Xu first introduced the efforts and work of Shuangliu Middle School in the globalization of education in recent years, and then principal Long, on behalf of all teachers and students of Shuangliu Middle School, expressed heartfelt thanks to all leaders who had always been concerned about supporting the work of our school, and expressed a warm welcome to the international friends from Elgin School in the United States. He also wished that together, these two great schools will be able to achieve an even better vision of education in the future.

Next, Ms. Katherine Kruse, Director of the International department of Elgin Academy, gave an introduction of their school and spoke about the philosophy of running schools. Elgin Academy is committed to developing the potential of each student, advocating for students to learn autonomously. This matches up with Shuangliu Middle School’s goal of all-round development. Ms. Kruse sincerely thanked everyone at Shuangliu Middle school and expressed her strong desire to continue the warm friendship between the two schools.

As things were drawing to an end everyone gathered together in the Chengdu Education Talent Center and watched principal Long and Mrs. Kruse formally sign an agreement of friendly cooperation between the two schools and exchange gifts.

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